Embroidered Memories & New Creations

Don’t you love going to old castles and historical homes and seeing the luxurious lifestyle they lived? I don’t crave huge house but I LOVE nice little things that make going to bed a little bit more special or make my car smell nice. For me, looking at my pillowcase knowing that I got THAT particular fabric in Paris brings back lovely memories which sometimes make my day just a little bit nicer for a moment!

I sent my little creations to my daughter while she was away at college in Australia and thinking that part of me was there with her. I loved sewing bedsheets for my brother’s new son who lives overseas so he could have part of his aunt with him.

Once, I made a little embroidered pillow for my mother to sit on filled with lavender which made her entire living room smell like a garden.

I hope you will like my designs and ideas and I’d love to hear from you about ideas for projects you have created.